SolidWorks® Add-in: Drawing Generator
This tool can only be used in part documents. The purpose of this tool is to generate drawings for parts. The following user defined drawing properties are required to use this tool: DrawingXMin, DrawingYMin, DrawingXMax, DrawingYMax. These properties must specify the corners of the useable space in the drawing in meters. If there is more than one body in the part, then the tool will generate one overview sheet that includes a weldment cut list table, one sheet for each user defined weld callout view, and one sheet for each cut list item. For each weld callout view and cut list item, the tool will add views that show model dimensions. If there is only one body in the part, then the tool will generate one sheet for that cut list item. Additional functionality includes options for view display modes, view render quality, projection methods, and replacement cut list item properties for model property references.
Supported Objects
  • Part Documents
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows 10, 64 bit
  • .NET Framework 4.8. The installer should attempt to download and install version 4.8 of the .NET Framework if it's not found on your system. It's also available for download here.
  • Internet connection
Releases - Active
  • Added support for generating drawings for single body parts.
Known Issues
  • Sheet metal bodies that use default sheet metal folder dimensions won't have dimensions that are owned by the corresponding sheet metal feature. To observe the thickness dimension for a sheet metal feature, ensure the "Override default parameters" option is checked in the sheet metal feature property manager.
  • SolidWorks will likely crash if the "Generate Drawings" command is run more than once in a session. SolidWorks will also likely crash on closing down if the "Generate Drawings" command is run. These crashes are caused by an internal SolidWorks library that I have no control over. Please save your work before running the "Generate Drawings" command.
One time payment of $1500
per active user
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